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Objectives and competences


Specific competences

  • Identification of sources of gender inequality in different social areas.
  • Analysis of inequality problems in different areas and the proposal of solutions to overcome them.
  • Insight into the main issues related to gender over the past decades.
  • Insight into the main demands of women in their fight against gender discrimination in order to secure equal opportunities.
  • Insight into feminist policies and their evolution through history.
  • Application of the theories learnt to practical tasks related to the various subject areas (education, work, public policies, the media, etc.) dealt with on the course.
  • Knowledge of current legislation on gender and the ability to assess its social implications.
  • Application of knowledge related to gender to analyse different conflicts and social situations.

Instrumental transversal competences

  • Ability to adapt to new situations.
  • Use and management of information and communication (ICTs).
  • Organisation and planning through objectives and strategies.
  • Designing, management and assessment of projects.

Interpersonal transversal competences

  • Working in teams.
  • Working in teams in interdisciplinary contexts.

Cognitive transversal competences

  • Analysis of cultural, social and political contexts.

  • Identification and the capacity to react against discriminatory situations for women.

  • Ability to devise positive actions.

  • Application of theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems.

  • Generation of new ideas.

  • Critical reasoning.